AO «Altaivagon» is one of the largest and most advanced enterprises in the field of railcar construction in the Russian Federation. The plant specializes in the production of various types of freight cars. Parent enterprise AO «Altaivagon» in Novoaltaysk produces more than 20 modern models of railway freight rolling stock with improved characteristics. Production lines of the enterprise and the use of high-tech equipment allows us to manufacture up to 4 types of cars simultaneously. The design of cars manufactured by «Altaivagon» was developed taking into account best practices in the field of domestic and foreign engineering ensuring high reliability and economic efficiency of products. Due to a number of optimally selected technical characteristics, several car models are in special demand in the market.

Covered car model 11-2135-01 for transportation of unit cargo, packaged and some other types of cargo requiring protection from atmospheric precipitation. Its time-tested design was marked by victory at the Russian Railways industry competition.

model 12-2153

The market leader among gondola cars is model 12-2153, a gondola car used for transportation of cargoes that do not require shelter from precipitation, including bulk dust-free, loose and other cargoes. The main competitive advantages of this car are its enhanced strength characteristics and increased body volume compared to the gondola car model 12-29601. This gondola car is fully compatible with the existing infrastructure and can be operated on all types of loading and unloading terminals. The use of enhanced strength steels for the manufacture of the main load-bearing body parts has a positive effect on the operational reliability of a car of this type.

The platform of model 13-2114-07 is intended for the transportation of round timber and lumber. The use of a bolted connection for fastening the uprights and the end wall on the car frame enables quickly dismantling them during car repair. The lattice design of the end wall enables customs control of the cargo. The combination of all these advantages provides high demand for this model.

model 13-2114K

In addition, customers are particularly interested in the platform model 13-2114K designed for the transportation of large containers with a gross weight of up to 36 tons. The ability to transport containers with a large carrying capacity, including tank containers with dangerous cargoes, makes this model as versatile as possible in its segment. For more information about covered, open, platform cars, tanks manufactured by AO «Altaivagon» read in the Production - Railcar Building (read more...).



The main profile of the Rubtsovsk branch of «Altaivagon» is the manufacture of steel and cast iron car castings for freight rolling stock. Production capacity of the enterprise is 65 thousand tons of steel casting per year – this is more than 60 articles of castings. Rubtsovsk branch of AO «Altaivagon» manufactures large casting parts – side frames, bolsters, medium casting parts – automatic coupling body, adapters, traction clamps, stops, thrust bearings, axleboxes and others, as well as small casting parts.

Equipment for the production of car casting of the Rubtsovsk branch of AO «Altaivagon» is an innovative project that has no analogues in the world. Model-core tooling for cast parts was manufactured by AHB Gissereitechnik GmbH (Germany). The rods are made of cold-hardening mixtures using the Cold-box-amin technology on a sandblasting machines manufactured by AHB Gissereitechnik GmbH and the Alpha Set technology with a core mixture on Spartan screw mixers made by OMEGA (Great Britain). Molding, casting and knocking out of castings is performed on automatic molding lines from SAVELLI (Italy) by casting in raw sand and clay molds.

Steel is smelted in electric arc furnaces of the DS-6N1 model with a capacity of 6 tons. High quality of smelted steel is ensured by the main method of smelting; during the smelting process, up to 15 rapid analyzes of chemical composition are performed on express-analyzers of the Foundri-Master brand which ensures that the smelted steel meets the required grade within the specified parameters. Large molds are destroyed on knock-out conveyors of General Kinematics (USA). Castings are cleaned in wheelabrators from STEM (Slovenia).

For machining large casting parts, a machining shop was organized, equipped with vertical machining centers with Hartford numerical control (Taiwan), Doosan vertical lathes (South Korea) and processing centers from AO FREST (Russia). For the manufacture of friction wedges, we installed an automated complex of thermal equipment based on shaft furnaces and bathtubs from ZAO Nakal – Industrial Furnaces (Russia).

The installed equipment enables completing the production program in the amount of 12,000 car sets per year. Mission of the Rubtsovsk branch of AO «Altaivagon» is the production of steel and cast iron car castings that meets the requirements of national and international standards, continuous improvement of the product quality and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Find the full range of car castings of the Rubtsovsk branch of AO «Altaivagon» at (read more...).



Kemerovokhimmash is one of the largest chemical engineering enterprises behind the Urals. The plant has been developing dynamically for more than half a century, flexibly adapting to the country's economy and sensitively responding to market needs.

Its main specialization is the production of equipment for the chemical, petrochemical, gas, metallurgical, coke, coal industries. Core products:

  • tanks and vessels;
  • oil and gas separators;
  • heat-exchange equipment (air-cooling units; coils, etc.)
  • equipment for transportation, storage and distribution of liquefied gases – tank semi-trailers, KTs-25 tank containers for transportation by sea, rail and road;
  • tank cars for liquefied hydrocarbon gases model 15-9872, tank car for liquid ammonia model 15-2148, tank car for transportation of light petroleum products model 15-2132, tank car for transportation of food products model 15-2132P, water tank cars model 15-289-03, platform cars models 13-2114 (universal), 13-2114-07 (for transportation of timber), 13-2114-08 (for consolidated transportation of containers and wheeled vehicles);
  • metal structures;
  • mining equipment;
  • non-standard equipment according to customer drawings.
  • The roll stand enables production of vertical steel tanks with a volume of up to 10,000 m3. The factory employees mastered full production cycle of elliptical and torispherical bottoms with diameters from 600 mm to 4,000 mm. Thickness up to 32 mm.

    The company manufactures absorption lithium bromide chillers and heat pumps. In September 2019, a robotic complex was launched designed as part of an investment project to develop the production of air tanks P7-78 for the brake system of freight cars and tank cars, the main products manufactured by Kemerovokhimmash. The work is automatic, capacity of the complex is up to 3,000 tanks per month. In addition, Kemerovokhimmash produced the first batch of components for mining equipment of the German company LIEBHERR, made in accordance with international standards.

    The Kemerovo Chemical Engineering Plant provides customers with comprehensive EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction), supplier and contractor services (turnkey projects) – engineering, development of design documentation, manufacturing, warranty and post-warranty equipment servicing.

    Today Kemerovokhimmash is one of the leading machine-building enterprises behind the Urals which is actively developing and conquering new markets for its products. We do not stand still and therefore look confidently into the future.
    Products of Kemerovokhimmash (read more...).