Joint-Stock Company Research and Production Corporation AO Altaimash was established by the founders' decision in 2006.

AO ALTAIMASH provides corporate management of subsidiaries, including unified policies, approval of future, productive and social development plans, and other services.

The Corporation comprises railway rolling stock, mining equipment, foundry products, chemical and coal equipment manufacturing, and a company providing cargo transportation services.

In total, the Corporation enterprises employ about 8,000 persons.

The companies which are part of AO ALTAIMASH maintain successful partnerships with Russian and foreign enterprises and sell their products mainly in the Russian and CIS market

Due to the proprietory technologies and latest developments, the Corporation's companies manufacture products that meet high quality standards.

AO ALTAIMASH intends to continue working to improve the efficiency of the enterprises that make up the Corporation, strengthen their position in the market, as well as to be active in expanding the range and guaranteeing high quality of the products manufactured.

Joint-Stock Company Research and Production Corporation «ALTAIMASH»
Rissian, Altai Region, 658087,
Novoaltaysk, ul. 22 Partsyezda 16
tel. +7 (3842) 34-68-18


Parent enterprise is AO Altaivagon in Novoaltaysk. The main company's profile is the development and manufacture of modern models of freight rolling stock of various types and constructions designed for the transportation of any cargo. Production capacities of Altaivagon enable production of more than 10,000 freight cars per year. The main goal is the production of innovative domestic freight cars in segments with a high share of imports.

Rubtsovsk branch of AO Altaivagon is one of the largest steel mills in Russia specializing in the manufacture of steel and cast iron railcar castings for freight rolling stock. Today, production capacity of the Rubtsovsk branch of AO Altaivagon is more than 60,000 tons of steel castings per year. The product range of the enterprise totals more than 60 articles of castings, including small, medium and large ones classified by the highest (4th) grade of foundry complexity.

OOO Kemerovokhimmash, Kemerovo branch of AO Altaivagon is one of the largest chemical engineering plants behind in the Urals. It specializes in the manufacture of equipment for the chemical, coal and other industries. Today, Kemerovokhimmash manufactures more than 30 types of products, including gondola cars, tanks, coil steel cars, railway platforms. Due to high production and scientific and technical potential, availability of highly qualified personnel, the plant manufactures products of any complexity, taking into account all the requirements of consumers.

OOO KPS-Tekhnologiiis based in Novokuznetsk. The company manufactures products focused on the mining and construction industries. KPS-Tekhnologii manufactures and markets modern mining equipment, as well as high-quality mixes of general construction and special purposes. Due to the modern technological base, quality control from the design to the packaging of finished products, the company guarantees high product quality.




Born April 29, 1955 in Lutugino, Voroshilovgrad Region.

In 1986, graduated from the Siberian Metallurgical Institute with a degree in mining engineering, defended his thesis for the degree of the candidate of technical sciences.

1980-1992: worked at the Nagornaya mine in Novokuznetsk.

1992-1995: worked at the Kyrgayskaya mine in Prokopyevsk.

1995-1996: Deputy Director for the introduction of new technologies at the All-Russian Research Institute «Gidrougol».

1996-2010: General Director of ZAO Kuzbasspromservis in Novokuznetsk.

November 2010-2011: General Director of OAO «Altaivagon».

In 2011: Head of the department of industry, trade and entrepreneurship of the Kemerovo Region. In the same year, he joined the administration of the Novokuznetsk District. He held the posts of the First Deputy Head of the district administration, then was elected as the Head of the Novokuznetsk District.

May 2011-October 2013: headed the Novokuznetsk District.

Since November 2013: Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Region for industry, transport and entrepreneurship.

November 2013: awarded the Order «For the Arrangement of the Kuznetsk Land».

Since April 2015: head of AO «ALTAIMASH».

Awards and recognitions:

29/04/1976 - Gratitude of the Lutuginsky consumer services combine, in honor of the 59th May Day anniversary,

2004 - Medal of the Kemerovo region «For Business in the Name of Creation»,

2008 - Anniversary medal of the Kemerovo Region «65 Years of the Kemerovo Region»,

2012 - Order of Honor of the Kuzbass,

2012 - Anniversary medal of the Kemerovo Region «70 Years of the Kemerovo Region»,

2013 - Medal of the Kemerovo Region «For Decent Parenting»,

Honor badge «For the Merit for the District», Administration of the Novokuznetsk District,

2014 - Gratitude of the Governor of the Kemerovo Region,

2015 - Medal of the Kemerovo Region «For a Special Contribution to the Development of Kuzbass», Ist degree,

2015 - Certificate of honor of AO HC «Siberian Business Union»,

2016 год – Letter of Appreciation of AO HC «Siberian Business Union»,

2016 год – Certificate of honor of AO HC «Siberian Business Union»,

2017 год – Letter of Appreciation of AO HC «Siberian Business Union»,


Dmitry Evgenievich Medvedev

General Director AO «Altaivagon»

Evgeny Petrovich Krivoshapov

Director of Kemerovokhimmash - a branch of AO «Altaivagon»

Mikhail Vladimirovich Nekrasov

Director of the Rubtsovsk branch of AO «Altaivagon»